Animal Patchwork Quilt Patterns

To make a patchwork quilt patterns, starting with accumulate pieces of cloth. These can be from previous sewing projects, old dresses, or fabrics that your family and friends have given you. Save several for your patchwork quilt. Depending on your tastes, they can all be the same size or be of different shapes and sizes. […]

Gray Owl Baby Quilt

Owl baby quilt – With this cold, sheltering the baby on winter nights is a priority. We show you what are the essential elements to keep warm all night. One of the great concerns of all mothers and fathers is that your baby does not go cold while sleeping, especially in winter time. And is […]

Boy Monogrammed Baby Quilts

Many parents decide to use monogrammed baby quilts from the first months and sleep with their babies in bed instead of using cribs or similar baby furniture. So they are getting used to this way of sleeping with which they are warm thanks to their blankets. Baby blankets are part of your day to day. […]

Baby Bites on railing

Modern Baby Quilt – New baby at home is a source of unlimited excitement, but once in a while, when the situation is rather grim, the handmade baby blankets for boys and girls can be the ticket to bring back the sunshine. Mom cannot help smiling when she sees the baby blanket that you bring […]

Amazing Lone Star Quilt Pattern

Lone star quilt pattern – There are two ways to make a hexagon blanket. One way is to use larger hexagons and kiss them like any other cover. The traditional way (discussed here) is called foundation patch technology, with special technique being English paper patchwork. Hexagon covers made of traditional technology have been around since […]

Amazing Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

Log cabin quilt pattern – To clean a handmade blanket, you must be particularly careful to preserve its rich colors and textures. Even if you can try to wash your handmade blanket in the washing machine, the rough bike can cause permanent damage to the rug, especially over time. For best results, you will want […]

Baby Clothes Memory Quilt Patterns

The selection process memory quilt patterns are not difficult. You will want to choose from a design that suits your taste, or you may want to make a quilt with a specific theme in mind. If you are looking for a special quilting pattern as a wedding gift, you may decide to choose a wedding […]

Double King Size Quilt Patterns

Children’s stores with textiles have these king size quilt patterns, since they are returning to be trend. They are pieces that are easily put on, they wash very easily and they serve us all year round.  We can also go to large stores or have stores like Ikea. In online stores you can find very […]

Colorful Kids Quilt Patterns

When choosing kids quilt patterns we have many possibilities. Today there are textiles designed for them, cushions with fun shapes, colorful fabrics, nice prints and many other ideas. One of the items that are most versatile for your bed is the children’s comforters. These children’s comforters can be use during the off season. And always […]

Buy Kaleidoscope Quilt Pattern

The day to day with your baby also includes visits to the pediatrician, the mall and some other site, so you never know for sure when you get home. For this reason, the kaleidoscope quilt pattern bag is well equipped with different materials to be prepared in any situation. Baby blankets should not be missing […] -->